This is Serious

Over the past 2+ years, we've all gotten a good laugh from my blog (at least I hope). Who could forget the time I got ketchup in my eye?

Maybe... just maybe... I've even inspired someone (yeah... I guess it's possible).

But it's time to be serious for a moment.

I'm at my highest weight ever.

And that's bad. Like... super duper bad. Because I don't want to wake up one day and wonder how I ended up in the 200's and hating my body.

I'm a triathlete... who gains weight.

I think I use training as an excuse to eat whatever I want. Nachos every night? Sure! Ice cream for dinner? Why not! An entire bag of Tostitos? Yes, please!

But it's time to make a change. I have had a lot of weight loss efforts in the past.... the last 2 years probably being the most significant.

In January 2009, I was at my lowest point (after a 3 month long diet) with a weight of 149 lbs. But I'm 20 lbs heavier than that today. Which just goes to show you... what good is losing the weight if you aren't going to do anything to keep it off?

So this is starting. I apologize ahead of time if you are all ::groan:: and ::sigh:: "I hate weight loss blogs" but sorry... that is what's happening.

Yes, this is still a triathlon blog... but with the tri season coming to an end, it's the perfect opportunity to focus on some different endeavors. I hope that all my current readers will stick with me.

Here comes a doozy of a goal...

I want to lose 30 lbs. in 9 months.

More specifically, I want to go from 169.6 to 140 before June 20th, 2011 (my 26th birthday).

I'm done messing around. I'm done celebrating good races with high-calorie food and alcohol. I'm done having "free" days. I'm done pretending that this doesn't bother me. I'm done letting other people's opinions influence how I feel about myself.

And to show you I'm serious, I present you with my "before" photos...

I hope to lose some visible weight in my waist, inner thighs, and face.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous to post this. And I'm not talking about the photos. This whole thing makes me nervous because if I fail, I'm not sure how I'll be able to live it down.


Carly said...

You can do it! I am in the same boat! I am the heaviest I am right now yet I am training for a marathon. *sigh* It is not fair.

Anonymous said...

You won't fail, you have never failed at anything you have wanted to do. Dist 203 Honor Band, Speech Team, Theatre Central, Track, Cross Country, talking your parents into getting a dog. I could go on and on but you get the picture.

That Pink Girl said...

You are so brave and SO strong - you can do this!!!
I mean, really, you can complete an Olympic tri, you can do anything.
I look forward to watching your progress. GO FOR IT!

Kevin said...

I stumbled on your blog site and enjoyed it.

Set a big goal for next season. Sign up for a 1/2 Ironman it will force you to work harder and because of that you will focus more on your goal. I lost almost 20 lbs after a few months of training for my race next year. Best of luck. Great blogs! Keep up the great work and you will reach your goals.


Gina said...

Kelly you can totally do this. And 30 pounds in 9 months equates to less than a pound a week, which is a moderate goal. YES!! I'm excited for you - and try journaling daily to see trends, etc. When you write it down it makes a difference!

Andrew Opala said...

Your goal is a good one - besides ketchup in the eye is pretty darn character building if you ask me!

Forward Foot Strides said...

You can do it!

Forward Foot Strides said...

And you've inspired me to go do some crunches. I'm dangerously close to the "I can eat whatever I want" trap too. NO MORE!

Adam said...

I know you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Don't get discouraged! Think positive!!

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