Muncie 70.3

No, I'm not signing up for a half-iron. HA! That would be hilarious.

Ironman just announced their newest 70.3-distance race for 2011. It was just announced today that the Muncie Endurathon has officially been taken over by Ironman, and will from here on out be known as Muncie 70.3.

Now I know what you're thinking...

"Why does Kelly care?"

And more importantly...

"Where the hell is

Muncie is a medium-sized town approximately halfway between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Also known as... the middle of nowhere.

You may also know Muncie, Indiana as the home of Ball State University. Maybe.

But we're here to talk about triathlons. And the Muncie Endurathon was one of the longest-running triathlons in the U.S. Now that's impressive!

So why do I care? Well... because, if you recall, I completed the Muncie Endurathon sprint-distance race back in July. So in essence... my inaugural year was also their final year.

But wait! They will be keeping the sprint-distance race as a part of the new Ironman series. Plus, you get a pasta dinner the night before. Who could pass up pasta?

People are saying this is going to be a really big race and possibly the best 70.3 course in existence. (Okay... so "people" is just me. But it's possible.)

Go check out the article here. And check out my photos from this year's race here.

Yay, Indiana!


Andrew Opala said...

middle of nowhere huh?

That's the place where champions are born.

You're amazing!

Adam said...

Sooooo, when do you sign up for a 70.3 again? Soon, right?

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