A Look Back

Now that my Weight Loss Challenge is officially over, I can take a moment to reflect on how it went... also known as "The Good, the Bad, and the Bag of Tostitos."

6 lbs lost
8 workouts and 1 5K race
60,027 calories eaten
Average 2000 calories per day

4 lbs lost
11 workouts
57,360 calories eaten
Average 1850 calories per day

January (up to 1/19)
3 lbs lost
9 workouts
32,395 calories eaten
Average 1799 calories per day

Obviously, my workouts were pathetic (8? REALLY?). Also, there was a drastic drop-off of weight lost as time went by (but that's expected... the weight tends to melt off like butter at the beginning). Despite all that, I accomplished my goal, and I cut an average of 200 calories PER DAY off my diet!

Check out my calories chart...

The up and down line shows that I'm obviously not too good at keeping my calories in check, but the plus side is that my zigzags get smaller and smaller as time goes on, which means I'm slowly learning how to manage what I eat.

The hardest part: rationing out calories for each day. For instance, on poker nights, I would have to ration an extra 100 calories for the end of the day so I could have a beer at the bar.

The easiest part: not changing my diet all that much. I still eat the same junk I ate before, I just make sure I'm not over-doing it.

What I need to work on: My workouts. This past July, I had 23 workouts... which makes my 9 this month look totally pathetic. But that's not really a weight loss thing so much as an "I'm lazy" thing. It's this stupid weather... and the fact that I have no races to train for. Bleh. This will be fixed when I return from vacation.


Adam said...

I don't know *shrugs* as long as you met your goals, I'd say that you are doing just fine. On average you were right where you need to be! Good job!

Although, I have been known to be an enabler and a 'bad idea bear'.

Ted said...

Good luck trying to stay away from the Buffet or the bars on your cruise!

Ted said...

Good luck trying to stay away from the Buffet or the bars on your cruise!

Anonymous said...

Let's see. I'm on a cruise, but I'm updating my blog. Are we bored? What happened to the pool, the food, etc?

Rainmaker said...

Congrats! Now get back to doing nothing on the cruise!

Marcy said...


That Pink Girl said...

Way to go!!!

jeanne said...

i am TOTALLY jealous. i work out about 47 times a week (ok, 5x) and i can't lose a pound!

seriously, you're amazing. you made it! you deserve a carefully calorie counting vacation with lots of running thrown in!

(btw? that was ray and his gf your mother saw. i'm sure of it.)

untpawgal02 said...

Congrats on reaching your goal girlie!

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