Road Tires for Reagan?

This is something I've been battling with for a long time.... whether or not to put road tires on my bike, Reagan.

See, my bike is not a road bike nor a triathlon bike. She's a cyclocross bike. (If you don't know what cyclocross is, check it out. It's a crazy sport!)

Ooooo... Ahhhh....

But that means she came equipped with some rather unique tires. The width lands somewhere between a road tire and a hybrid tire, and amount of tread is somewhere between a hybrid tire and a mountain bike tire.

So why haven't I just bought the dang road tires yet?!

Because I'm nervous.

Everyone's seen the triathlete stuck on the side of a road during a race because they blew a flat and don't know how to change it. Well, that would be me.

I have no problem with blowing a flat during training rides, because I could just call Ryan to come pick me up. But during a race? I would die with sadness. I'm way too competitive to be okay with a DNF.

So what does everyone else think? Has anyone had any good experiences with road tires? How about learning to change them... is it really as hard as it seems?


Andrew Opala said...

the best place to learn to change tires is to go to a bike shop and ask to be taught - there's always a young guy who will want to show off on an old bend rim or something like that

it's actually not that hard, and I promise you, you'll feel reallu good when you get it snapped on and in the right groove! Then you start to pump it up and you are amazed at how well you did!

You'll do great!

Kevin said...

Changing a tire is easier than you think. Practice doing it while watching TV a few times till you get it.


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