Muncie Endurathon Sprint Triathlon Race Report

The weekend before last, my Dad and I competed in the Muncie Endurathon. It's name derives from the fact that it has a half-iron, 2 duathlons, aqua bike, and sprint tri all rolled into one event. The sprint distance is actually one of the newer events, so the field was pretty small (192 triathletes compared to the 663 doing the half-iron).

So on with the race report!

We woke up at 4am and had to drive almost 2 hours to the race, so we were all a little tired.

The race took place in and around a reservoir in central Indiana.

The first race I've ever been to where I had my own spot on the bike rack!

All set up and ready to go. I always use my pink striped towel for races because it's the only way I can spot my bike as I come running into transition.

This was my Dad and I's 3rd race together. My 6th triathlon ever.

Ryan came along as official photographer, dog-watcher, cheerleader, and gear check.

Maggie came along as official race mascot and to distract people from watching the race with her cuteness.

It was such a small race that all the women doing the sprint were in the same swim heat. I'm in the middle (in the black bathing suit and gray sports bra) putting on my goggles...

And we're off!

The swim course was in an "L" shape, which helped lessen the usual congestion at the turn-around.

Story: About 1/3 of the way into my swim, I look up to site the buoy, and there is a man swimming in front of me. But he wasn't swimming with the crowd. He was swimming perpendicular to the crowd. Not only that, but he didn't seem as if he was in any rush. He was just FLOATING on his back! Right as he floated in front of me, I gave him a good shove. He jumped up, looked around in shock and confusion. I yelled, "watch out!" (what? It was the only thing I could think of at the moment), and slithered around him.

He was wearing a blue swim cap (the color for men doing the sprint triathlon), so I'm not sure if he got lost maybe? But he didn't seem to be in any rush to find his way to the finish line.

A little while later, I was finally done with the swim. It was an unusually short swim (only 400 meters), but I hadn't done as much swimming this year as I should have, so I felt a bit winded as I climbed onto shore.

I found it extremely hard to concentrate during transition. My bike rack was positioned right next to a gigantic speaker blasting pop music. It was so loud that I could feel my brain rattling. I couldn't think straight long enough to figure out what on earth I was doing.

Eventually, I got all my stuff together and headed out on the bike.

The bike wasn't too bad. It had hills, but for every torturous uphill, it had an awesomely steep downhill. This was the first race with my aerobars, and I felt like my speed was really good.

In second transition, the speaker was still blasting. "SHUT UP!" I yelled at it...

I headed off for my run. I had a hard time getting my Garmin on my wrist, so I fidgeted with it as I left transition...

Once I got my Garmin on, I realized I had forgotten to turn off my heart rate alarm. It was set to beep if I went over 155 bpm. Ha! I was over that within 30 seconds of my run. The beeping was annoying (to others more than myself, I'm sure), so I had to flip through the menus mid-run to get the alarm turned off.

The run went pretty well. I loved having my Garmin with me. I always knew exactly how far I had run, how far I had left to go, and how fast I was going. It was extremely helpful in keeping me under 11 minute miles for the majority of the run.

The run course was an out-and-back, so when I passed my Dad (he was on his way in), I timed myself to see how far behind him I was (his swim wave started 5 minutes before me). When I passed the same spot again, it was 8 minutes later. Ouch. So much for beating him this race.

When I neared the finish line, Ryan, my mom, Maggie, and my Dad were all there cheering for me. There's my Dad on the right...


Post-race was good. They had water immediately when you crossed the finish line. They also gave you a ticket for free lunch (catered by Noodles & Co... yummm!), and a free ice cream (from Baskin Robbins). All that along with the regular post-race snacks, drinks, and even a finishers plaque!

My Dad and I compared our times. He was the obvious winner...

So here are my stats...

Swim 11:15 (115/192)
T1 2:47
Bike 44:54 (149/192)
T2 2:10
Run 33:29 (161/192)
Overall 1:34:32

149/192 Overall
51/85 Females
12/19 AG (25-29)

How do I feel about my race? Well... I was slightly disappointed the bike wasn't faster. It said I had a 16.4 mph average. I really thought it was over 17 (which would have been a PR). But I was so close that I know if I just had a slightly flatter course, I could have done it.

The swim was good. It's obviously my best leg (at least compared to everyone else). I definitely could have gone through transition faster (stupid speaker!). If I had cut a minute off each transition, I would have been neck-and-neck with my Dad.

Side note: One of my coworkers did this triathlon also. It was her first one ever, and she was in my age group. She beat me by 40 seconds. Being beat by a newbie is a hurt that only hardcore training can take away. But don't worry, I was perfectly nice and congratulated her when I saw her at work on Monday.

What's next? The Chicago Triathlon!!! My first olympic-distance triathlon, with a whopping 1 mile swim!

Kill me now.


Diana said...

Nice report Kelly!
Sure looks like you've been busy, it's easy to get away from the blog land with life moving on!
Congrats on a great race and good luck with the Chicago Olympic!!!

mak'n Changes said...

This is how you spell inspiration......K...E...L...L...Y!!!
You are a freakin ROCK STAR!

That Pink Girl said...

WTG girl! You are a triathlon rockstar!!! And catered by Noodles & Co? That might even get ne back out there!
Congrats on another great race!

Adam said...


That is so awesome. The picture of you yelling at the speaker cracked me up.

BTW - that is a really good tip about the bright colored towel.

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