A Bloody Good Run

I hadn't run since last Wednesday. With these longer-than-usual runs every week, it's been taking me longer than usual in between to recover.

So yesterday morning, I ran 6 miles. Every time I add more distance to my run, I get increasingly nervous that I might not finish.

Well, it turned out to be an extremely difficult run, mentally. It was warm and windy. At my 3-mile turnaround, my hip began to hurt. Each mile went slower than the previous. I REALLY wanted to stop. I wouldn't even allow myself to stop for water because I didn't think I would be able to coerce myself to start up again.

But I pushed through. I've become pretty good at that over the past year. Walking is no longer an option. Ever.

And it's a good thing I finished, because my time was an impressive 1:03. To put that into perspective, I finished last week's run (1/2 a mile shorter) a minute SLOWER. I would like to say again that I am a crazy unpredictable runner!

So I'm happy with my time, and I'm feeling less anxious about next week's race. I'll try to get in a 6.5 mile run this week, but I won't freak out if I don't.

As for my issue from last week, I used a large square bandaid that seemed to work well. So my mole held up through all 6 miles...

... but my toe did not.



On a different note, happy belated Mothers Day everyone! It was actually my parents' anniversary yesterday too, so yay for that!

We're doing a family dinner in Chicago tonight in honor of Mothers Day and my mom's birthday last week. Then I'm doing lunch with my grandparents tomorrow, followed by a dentist appointment (bleh) with my uncle. Overall, LOTS of family time!


Mike said...

Nice job on pushing through and finishing. Consistency comes with time, you'll see the more you run the more consistent you will become. I wouldn't worry about that yet.

I tend to get caught up in times when I ride and even had to go as far as getting a cycle computer that I can wear on my wrist instead of having it in front of me. I tell myself just ride, hard, check the stats after. If I've left it all out on the road or trail then I don't have anything to worry about. :)

untpawgal02 said...

Great job on pushing through your run. Mentally longerish runs suck... but as runners we need to have that patience to pull through :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly, i feel so sorry for u that u got to see your grandparents and your uncle. But u never know who else u will see tomorrow.


Adam said...

NICE WORK on finishing out the miles. Now you know that you can finish them no matter what!!

Your toe is pretty awesome. I'm working on a blister from my race this weekend that is about the size of a half dollar :)

Michelle said...

Eek, nice toe! Sounds like you overcame the mental hurdle to put in a good run, great job!!

JojaJogger said...

Wow, you're getting all kinds of road warrior "badges". Good job on finishing the run. I think I might have been running in your neck of the woods this morning.

Marcy said...

Ohhhh man that's so nasty LOL

Rainmaker said...

Nice - adding blood to a blog is a surefire way to increase readership. Steve in a Speedo's prooven it!

peter said...

Ewwww. Blood. Six miles is good. Nice time too.

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