Only 7 Days Left

Our family dinner when well. I got my mom a bike helmet for her birthday. We (I) then drank WAY too much wine, and apparently I was modeling the helmet during the car ride home.

Oh dear.

After a fun weekend, I returned to the packing grind.

Only 7 days til I move out. This is what my living room looks like now...

Who knew I had SO much junk?! And I'm not even done packing yet!

The good news is I got all the logistical matters taken care of. I have my UHaul reserved, my utilities transferred, my cable and internet transferred, and my apartment all ready to move in to.

Time to take a breather and concentrate on Sunday's race. I ran a quick 2 miles today as a mini-taper. I'm gonna stay off my feet for the next three days so my joints can rest before the big day.

My goal for Sunday? To finish without walking. It's hard for me to pick a time, because I am still unsure how far I'll be running. The marathon organizers have now told me THREE different distances ranging between 6-6.5 miles. That's a pretty big difference. Hopefully we can sort all this out before I cross the start line!


Rainmaker said...

Just so ya know... Helmet = Bike, not car. ;)

Anonymous said...

Kel, it was great having lunch and catching up on so much. Too bad Lapeep no longer exists but amazingly we all ende d up at the same spot. Have agood run and good luck on the move,. Opa

Adam said...

You have no idea how many times it crossed my mind while packing to just pitch all of my crap and start from scratch.... Some quick math later, I realized that I don't have that kind of money.

Stupid packing.

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