Even Body Glide Can't Help Me Now

Thanks for all of your new-job well-wishes! Now that all the official business stuff is over, I'm getting really excited for my move. I'm trying to strike a balance between packing up all my junk, and continuing to train for my race.

I was scheduled for a 5 1/2 mile run yesterday. It was supposed to rain, but I said, "I will not allow the rain to be an excuse." So I set my alarm for 9 am.

I woke up and I was pretty sore from all the packing and box-lifting I did the day before. But I said, "I will not allow my soreness to be an excuse." So I got dressed and headed out.

About 2 miles in, my sports bra was chafing again. UGH. I looked at my stomach to assess the damage, and I was bleeding. Now, this is going to sound odd and possibly gross... but my sports bra was rubbing a small mole on my ribcage. I have no idea why after a year of running, this is just NOW becoming an issue.

It hurt pretty bad. I thought about stopping or walking or turning back. But I knew if I didn't do this 5 1/2 miles now, it would put a serious damper on my training progress.

So I kept running. And for the final 3 MILES, I ran while holding my sports bra away from my ribcage. I bet people who saw me thought I was totally crazy.

But I finished. I finished 5 1/2 miles, which is my longest distance yet. I came in at a respectable 64 minutes (considering all my hinderances).

So as for all your body glide suggestions... I laugh at them. Because I don't think even Body Glide can tackle this one. I have my marathon relay in less than 2 weeks, so I'd like to figure out something before then. I fear a bandaid may make the situation worse. Any thoughts?

To make matters worse, I just found out that I'm actually running 6 and a HALF miles during the race instead of just 6. What's a measly half mile, right? ...RIGHT?!


Karen said...

Moleskin should work.

mak'n Changes said...

ok,, this may sound strange, but I think it will work. Attatch a panty liner to the inside of your sports bra so it pads the mole. what do ya think?

JojaJogger said...

You're probably like me and don't go to the doctor unless a limb is missing, but you might consider having a doc zap it off, then use a bandaid for a week or so.

That Pink Girl said...

Wow, you are hardcore! BEFORE your race, try a bandaid with Body Glide. Personally, I recommend Hello Kitty or Barbie bandaids. They seem to work best. Okay, really they are just more fun.

Diana said...

After completing the first 6, the last 1/2 will be a cool down!!!

I kind of like the idea of the panty liner suggestion...
Have you changed laundry soap or anything lately that maybe you are all of a sudden having an issue???

Ted said...

You can always try to use Vaseline.

jeanne said...

i've finished runs in a pink bra.

that started out white.

oh the stories i could tell!

forget vaseline. I did hear that bag balm works wonders (if you can get past the name. and, well, the similarities.)

by the time you hit six you won't even notice that last .5. unless it's uphill. then you will notice.

you are HARDCORE to keep going! ROCKSTAR!

Adam said...

BLEEEDING!? Good lord. I hope this got better in a hurry.

I use bandaids on the nips and they work every time. They are basically like nickel sized moles anyway, right?

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