TGIF Photo Friday

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Today I present you with proof that I have indeed been packing. These photos are actually a few days old, which means I've gotten even MORE done since then (and my place is no longer a mess).

I need to run today. I'm thinking 3 miles (I'm so far off my schedule that I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing). Everyone have a good weekend, and Happy Mothers Day to all the ladies!


Mike said...

Looks like quite the project!!!

Diana said...

Packing.....ugh! Best of luck!

Ted said...

I love the unpacking than packing. Have fun !!!

Adam said...

*shudders* Packing SUUUUCKS. You know, the place that I had help me w/ my move would actually pack each box for the small fee of $20 PER BOX. Oyy. It wouldn't cost so much if it didn't suck so bad.

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