This is What I'm Dealing With

It was a dark monday morning. I was sleeping soundly in my bed.

Suddenly, at 7:15, a bunch of strange men came busting through my front door. They were loud and scary and carried weapons.

And do you know what they did?


... They stole my windows.

Alright, fine. So I was EXPECTING them. That doesn't make this story any less horrifying.

To prepare for their arrival, I had to move everything at least 6 feet away from the windows in my living room.

Picture me crouched on the floor DRAGGING my TV stand across the carpet. This was fun.

After that, I had to cover all my furniture with sheets. If you were around for the bedroom window installation, then you recall there was a problem with dust.

So this time, I was prepared.

They started working at 7:30am, and I didn't have to leave for work until 1:30pm. That is quite a few hours to waste.

What did I do?

- I went to the Y and ran 2.1 miles. As usual, I found myself disturbed by the amount of careless nudity in the locker room (is it just me? I don't want to see that!)
- I dropped off some shoes at the repair shop. I know it's weird, but I love going there. I always feel like I'm helping out the "little guy."
- I went to Ulta and bought some stuff. I discovered that it's impossible to find shampoo for less than $10 at that store.
- I picked up a new camera at Best Buy. I had ordered it online and had to wait in line with all the crazies returning stuff.
- I got Jimmy John's. I hope all of you have a Jimmy John's in your state, because they are the BEST sandwiches (I dream about that bread).
- I got my oil changed. They tried to sell me a new air filter, a transmission tune-up, and 80 other things, but I stood strong.

I finally headed home around noon, hoping they would be finishing up.

Instead, I opened my apartment door to find I had a large gaping hole in my wall. It was COLD.

So I bunkered down in my bedroom with the heat blasting and the TV on (but not audible over the construction noise).

When I left for work at 1:30, they were still there.

But I woke this morning to brand new windows...

I'm SOOOO glad this is over. And if they ever come and ask me to install more things in my apartment, I'm throwing them through those brand new windows.


triguyjt said...

thats funny how you wrote the lead in..(haha..tv script talk..right??)

the new windows look good...

as for layoffs...not any lately but 3 months ago..about 15... and that doesnt count the people that took retirement incentives before the new ownership took over. we used to be a fox own and operated...now we are owned by localtvllc.
our station made 75 million profit last year...but we will be down this year...
other stuff going on... camera guys are losing their cars....next month...those types of cost cutting things...
have a great new year

Ted said...

Shhhessh. It is really beautiful looking window. This will save you a lot of money this way. You won't have to buy a bottle of Windex anymore!

Rainmaker said...

I like how you half-covered the bookshelf. ;)

Adam said...

My wife and I just (finally) joined a gym and were commenting about the random nudity. What is it with old guys and their adversion to towels!? (ok, maybe you didn't know about that - but it is bad) Cover it up dude, I don't want to barf right after a hard workout.

(Windows look good too!)

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Define random nudity? I grew up in locker rooms and don't find it that odd. My wife on the other hand can not stand to change in a locker room.

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