Jumping on the Bandwagon

Come on, everyone's doing it!

Miles Run in 2008: 99.4
Miles Biked in 2008: 297.43
Miles Swam in 2008: 6.67

Total Number of Workouts since May 21st: 161

Notes: I know, I KNOW... I missed the running mark by .6 miles. How pathetic is that? However, when I was looking back through my training log, I noticed that for the first month of my training, I didn't keep mileage... just times. So, in the grand scheme, I'm sure I ended up running more than 100 miles.

Phase 3 of my Weight Loss Challenge covers the month of January. It's the final month (25 days) to reach my goal of 149 lbs.

For January, I will:
- Not eat meals standing up or sitting on my couch. I'm much more aware of what goes into my mouth when I'm sitting at my dining table.
- Workout 4 times a week.
- Cut my calories to 1700 per day.
- Not eat snacks straight out of the bag/box.

I have lost 11 lbs since November 2nd, and I have only 4 more to go.

Now that all those formalities are out of the way, we can get onto the big one...

Goals for 2009:
- Get my 5K time below 27 minutes (my current PR is 29:04).
- Get my Sprint Triathlon time below 1:35 (my current PR is 1:44).
- Weigh less at the end of the year than I do at the beginning.
- Run more than 170 miles.

I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve. I have to work (of course), but I'm ready to go out afterwards (I'm even wearing a dress!).


Karen said...

You are my inspiration!

You wearing a dress to work, that is a first.

Happy New Year.

Rainmaker said...

I'm betting you'll smash that 5K record this year.

Happy New Year!

jeanne said...

you're gonna kill all those goals, so you'd better have some new ones lined up.

peter said...

Interesting post, nice goals. Good luck with them. At my age, I don't have resolutions (I'm gonna get faster) any more, just realizations (I'm gonna get slower).

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