Construction, Thanksgiving, and Phase 2


On Monday, the construction men installed new windows in my bedroom. I made myself scarce by going home for 2 days.

But when I came back, there were quite a few things wrong.

a) I didn't have blinds anymore. My blinds were laying on the floor. Reasons why this is a problem: the sun now wakes me up even before the construction noise gets its chance; and it's my bedroom, where I get dressed, and my room overlooks a busy road and is right across from another highrise apartment building.

b) My walls were all smudgy and dirty. My floor had chunks of wall laying around.

c) There is white dust EVERYWHERE. They said to move all my stuff 6 feet away from the windows, but apparently that wasn't enough.

The dust even managed to find its way into my closet.

I'm relieved this is over, so now I can put my bedroom back together (and start the long and strenuous dusting process), yet they still have to do the windows in my family room. Those will be done at some point over the next few weeks, which obviously I'm SUPER excited about.

I'm thinking that next time it would be a good idea to cover all my belongings in sheets.


Obviously, I had to work, so I didn't get to celebrate Thanksgiving like all the normal people.

Instead, I threw my own little Thanksgiving and made my very own Thanksgiving dinner.

But hold your applause.

Because my meal was made up of only things I already had in my kitchen. And I only had 40 minutes of my lunch break to cook and eat my meal before I had to be back at work.

So I decided on corn, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. That's Thanksgiving-y enough, right?

Except my timing sucked and all the parts were ready at seperate times.

So I ate my corn...

And then my mashed potatoes were ready, so I ate those...

And lastly, my biscuits finished up right as I was running out the door back to work...

Well, I'd probably be lying if I said it was a good meal. The corn was good, the mashed potatoes were pretty gross, and the biscuits were delicious, but 180 calories each.

It's been 2 years since I've had a real Thanksgiving. Maybe next year.


If you recall (which you probably don't), I came up with Phase 1 of my weight loss plan a few weeks back. It consisted of eliminating pop from my diet, eating only 2 servings of cereal every morning, eating 1 apple each day, and taking the stairs to my apartment whenever possible.

I feel like I have stuck to that plan pretty successfully, so I think it's on to Phase 2 for December.

Phase Two:
1. Workout at least 3 times a week.
2. No food after midnight.
3. Cut my calories to less than 1800 per day.

I'm 6 pounds down, and I have 9 to go by January 25th.


Karen said...

You can do that no problem.

Marcy said...

You can do it!! ;D ;D

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