I Just Don't Enjoy Saturdays Like I Used To

Today marks day 1 of the big switchover at work. This weekend is what all of this month's overtime and early mornings have been leading up to.

We spent the afternoon doing rehearsal after rehearsal so the directors could get as comfortable as possible working with the new system. We even took turns playing "anchor" to make it as realistic as possible.

... But nothing can really prepare you for your first show. You just have to cross your fingers and wing it. Lucky for me, my first show isn't until wednesday (they are putting tomorrow's newscast in the hands of our head director, and then I have 2 days off... phew).


I was going to work out this morning, but I had to be at work a whole THREE hours early, plus my legs feel like a steamroller crushed them in my sleep. SORE. Stupid stairs (I'm sorry... I didn't mean that... we can still be friends... maybe I'll come visit you again next week).

1 week until my mom and I's 5K. I'm not nervous, cause 5Ks are like "meh, whatever" now, but I'm just not sure about the weather.

Obviously, I've been a slacker who has chosen warm indoor treadmill over cold outdoors for every workout... so I'm not sure how my body is gonna handle the 8am November temperatures.


As for my weight... it's been up and down (one just as much as the other). I've started hardcore tracking calories. I really hate doing that... NO ONE can tell me it's an easy thing to do. It involves way too much measuring and counting for my tastes (especially when it's morning and I'm tired, or it's evening and I'm lazy).

My main problem, I've found, is that I'm taking in a LOT of calories every day. I thought, Well... duh... THIS is why I can't lose weight!

But I did some research and found that maybe I'm not being as big of a pig as I thought. Based on my age, weight, height, and level of activity (I'd say "moderate"), I should be eating 2341 calories per day to maintain my current weight. Wow.... that is a LOT more than I thought. So, according to these numbers, I'm right on target.

So instead of freaking out over why my log says I'm eating 2300 calories per day, I need to start taking baby steps to reduce that number.

Phase One:
1. No pop (even Coke Zero... because I should be drinking WATER instead).
2. Only 2 servings of cereal every morning (I was eating 3 before).
3. Eat 1 apple every day (cliche, I know... but apples are one of the few fruits I actually enjoy).
4. Take the stairs to my 5th floor apartment (unless I'm carrying groceries or wearing heels).

Once I can tackle these 4 things on a pretty consistent basis, I can move on to Phase 2.


Karen said...

It's only been a week and you are down 2 pounds what are you complaining about.

Mike said...

I hear you on the pop! I lost an easy 10 pounds by doing 1 pop a day (usually lunch) and keepin the drinking to a minimum. It's amazing how even though it's diet pop, it still helps your body hold in a bunch of other nasty stuff!

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