What Needs to be Done

I'll admit it... I havn't worked out since the Jingle Bell 5k, which was almost 2 weeks ago.


I'm sure it's no coincidence that in the past two weeks, I've only lost 1 pound.

Obviously, this needs to change. It's pure laziness that is stopping me from putting my workout clothes on and dragging myself to the Y (or, God forbid, going outside!).

So I think I need to sign up for a race to get me moving.

The Midwest Indoor Tri-Classic Series starts in January and has 4 races nearby:
Downers Grove - 1/25
Woodridge/Naperville - 2/8
Glen Ellyn - 2/22
Wheaton - 3/8

I'm thinking about doing the one on Feb 22nd because the first two will interfere with my basking in the Bahamas sun. However, if I sign up for TWO of them, I get a discount. Hmmm...

The format:
Swim - 10 min
T1 - 10 min
Bike - 20 min
T2 - 5 min
Run - 15 min

The swim is obviously in a pool, the bike is on a stationary, and the run is on an indoor track.

I wish I could make big triathlon plans like everyone else, signing up for races in June, August, October... But who knows if I'll still be living in Illinois by then.

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Karen said...

You do need to work out, so do I.

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