Goals for Fishers

On Sunday, I'll be competing in the Fishers Area Sprint Triathlon. It will be my first time running a race two years in a row.

This is exciting because I can compare my times from last year to this year and, theoretically, will be able to see just how far I've come with my training.

That being said... I'm not sure I can beat last year's times.

The 2009 stats:
2:00 pace for the swim (2:00 per 100 yards)
16.7 mph average on the bike
8:56 mile average for the run

Let me repeat myself. I averaged under nine minute miles on the run. What?! I'm not too convinced that someone didn't slip me some speed or something during transition. Kelly running that fast is absolutely unheard of.

2009: Nearing the finish line at record speed

That is hands down the fastest run I've ever managed during a triathlon. That time even beats my best 5K time.

Impossible. Plus, the weather was perfect last year. It was cool, cloudy, and started misting lightly during the run. Ahhhhhh.....

So my only chance at beating last year's speedy time of 1:18:40 is if I do spectacular and PR both the swim and bike.

No pressure or anything!

Here are my goals broken down...
A - 1:17 (Beating last year's PR by 1 minute)
B - 1:20 (My realistic goal)
C - 1:27 (If I'm in pain or it's hot and I'm just trying to finish)

And as always, my side-goal is to beat my Dad. Maybe this time...


JojaJogger said...

Good luck, last year I'll admit I was cheering for Dad, this year I'm cheering for you.

That Pink Girl said...

Good luck girl - have a great race!

Andrew Opala said...

Good luck - this is an absolute! You've been training awesome, and the adrenalin and the other athletes will keep you going faster than you think!

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