You Guys Suck

The one time I ask for advice... the ONE TIME... and... nothing.

SHAME on you, fellow bloggers. Shame.

But I will not take your silence to be a sign of your hate for me or your secret wishes for me to fail miserably at both dressing myself and feeding myself for my next race... but instead I will take your silence to mean that you, too, are clueless.

So I will provide an obviously much-needed service to the triathlon community by sharing with you what I have learned...

1. Triathlon clothes are expensive.

2. You can pretty much buy the exact same type of top at Dick's for half the price, only it's called a "workout top".

3. Nutrition is complicated.

That's it. What?! You were hoping for more? Sorry... that's all I've got.

I will be making a trip to the local running shop on Saturday to try and replace my too-small tri top with something more fitting (pun intended).

As for nutrition, I'm still clueless. I tried Googling it, but the results just confused me further. "Take a half block 1/4 mile into the bike, washed down with a swig of Gatorade and chased with water. Take a gel at the turn around, swished with Gatorade, then spit out. Take a protein bar when the sun hits the third quadrant and the crows start to fly..." Okay, yeah... so I made most of that up... but you get the point.

I'm just thinking "huh?!"

Truth is, I've never even eaten a GU or gel or whatever before. I pretty much stick to water and the occasional Gatorade (although, unless it's fruit punch flavor, GAG). I had sports beans during my Half Marathon, and those were fine I guess.

Well, unless I get some answers soon, I'm gonna have to just bring some bacon with. Everyone likes bacon, right?

PS: Is it a bad thing to only carry one water bottle on the bike? I only have one cage on my bike, but I guess I could add another.

PPS: I just like this photo...

Hmm... which should I eat... an apple or a donut...?


Mike said...

I roll with PowerBar. I hit up a Strawberry-Banana gel after and hour for ride around two hours. I think the general rule of thumb is to try to consume about 200 calories an hour. Try to mix some protein in with those calories (if your stomach can take it) all gels for a day = bonk! On longer rides I'll take a half PB&J sandwich wrapped in foil. It's easy to peel back the foil and eat on the go and if you only wanted a bite or to you can wrap it back closed. I also mic in PowerBar energy gel blasts they have a little protein in them as well and are easy on my stomach.

1. Make sure you eat whatever with water, it will help with digestion.

2. Make sure you are rocking some heavier proteins after working out. I've settled on choc. milk. It has virtually the same nutrition as any shake supplement at a fraction of the price. Check the stats for yourself!

Hope this helps some. :)

Wells L said...

Over from Rust Belt Runner - wonder if you could write to the dietitian's blog on Runner's World for more specific and personalized info on nutrition??? Just a thought. Good luck!

That Pink Girl said...

Heh, heh, sorry to comment love, but I got nutin for tri nutrition!
For a 5 hour marathon I usually eat a Kashi fruit bar about an hour before and rely on Shot Bloks throughout the race. I like them because they aren't gooey, there are several in a package but they don't rattle around and they are yummy!
You'll find something you like!

Anonymous said...

Bacon is good!

Oh yea, help stuff. During your last few rides you might want to practice eating/drinking different stuff on the bike. You always have the option to pull off to the side of the road to eat a small sandwich of sorts, but if you can eat/drink while on the bike that would help.

I looked back at your old post (which was sitting in my google reader unread) and saw you asked about clothing. I'm not a girl, so I can't offer that advice. Back when I did my first tri I went all out and bought a Zoot top and bottom. They are TINY, but shockingly once I got them on they were super comfortable and really did the job. I bought them online too, I guess I was lucky to get a size that fit.

Maybe see what kind of clothing they have in your local bike shop, if they have a tri section. Good luck!

Adam said...

hey hey hey!! I'm like 1.5 weeks behind on blogs! :) You should listen to my latest podcast and let me know which race I should jog vs race!

Here is my take:
I run without a shirt on while training but wear old race shirts racing. I'll bet Ryan wouldn't be a fan of #1, so I'd go with your gut on this. :)

100 cals every 45 min. Get 'em however you want as long as they are fast absorbing carbs (e.g. sugar). If you like sport beans, eat the shit out of those for 4 hours. Nothing wrong with that! make sure you are getting enough salt too.

Hold back on liquids 15-30 min before you're done on the bike so you don't get a sloshy stomach.

Honestly, you're right at the border where "solid" foods would be a plus. (e.g. bananas) So, you should be safe with about anything that is comfortable for you. that is the main thing.... make sure whatever you choose works with your body!

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