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Apologies for the minor absence. I had a crazy work schedule last week, which left little time for blogging.

But I'm actually here today to ask a favor of you, my lovely followers.

That favor...?


I'm slightly freaking out about my upcoming olympic triathlon (only 3 weeks away!). Just the shear length of the race is enough to give me a heart attack. I don't think I've ever worked out for 3 1/2 hours straight before. And definitely not to that intensity.

So, my first question is... nutrition.

Everyone says "nutrition is a personal choice". But let's say... just saaayyyy (for argument's sake), that I haven't been experimenting with nutrition. Perhaps because the majority of my workouts are only about an hour long.

Even my half marathon was only 2 1/2 hours. My nutrition plan? I got suuuper hungry and ate sport beans that I had stuffed in my back pocket. Not exactly what I'd call a "plan".

So what do I do for the triathlon? Does anyone have any nutrition advice? Like... how many calories should I be taking in? How often? What types of things? etc. Really any advice will help.

The next thing I'm not sure about is what to wear. Man, I feel like a newbie all over again. I've been wearing the same thing at triathlons for the past 2 years (one-piece bathing suit with a sports bra underneath, bike shorts for the bike and run), but I feel like that really won't cut it for this longer race.

So I went online and bought myself some actual triathlon clothes.

Sugoi K-Scope Tri Tank

Pearl Izumi Women's Tri Shorts

Cute, right?

Well, when they arrived in the mail, I couldn't believe how impossibly tiny they were! "This is a large?!" I exclaimed. "No way."

The shirt is a total joke. It is so small that it won't even stay down over my stomach (eww). The shorts are unflattering, but bearable. I've already worn them a few times on bike rides. My biggest fear is that they will turn see-through when they get wet (but they wouldn't possibly do that to me, would they?!).

Does anyone (mainly girls, I guess), have any good suggestions for triathlon clothing? Especially something that is forgiving of an extra 20 pounds (or so)?

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