Kelly the Mermaid

Thanks for everyone's advice on clothing and nutrition.

On Saturday, Ryan and I went to the local running store. According to their website, they had oodles of triathlon clothes.


They had 2 women's tri tanks, 2 women's tri shorts, and 1 women's tri suit. Out of the 2 tanks, only one of them came in my size. I tried it on, and while it was a little better than the one I already own, it still didn't really cut it.

I decided what I needed was a bold move. I cracked open the dressing room door. "Psst! Ryan! Do it. Get the tri suit."

He returned with the Zoot Ultra Tri Suit in Mermaid (yes... Mermaid... seriously??).

I tried it on and... it really wasn't as bad as I thought. Like, not bad at all.

It was more flattering than my tri shorts/tri tank combo, plus I didn't have to worry about the tank riding up during my bike and run. And to top it all off, it made me look like a real triathlete.

Go ahead and sue me for not supporting my local running store (but $140 is a lot!). I went home, logged onto the Zoot website, and bought it for $105.

As for nutrition, I bought some Shot Bloks. I figured they have to be better than gel.

I will give them a try during my next long bike ride, and if they hold up, I'll bring them to Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Looks good!

Wells L said...

You look great! I love bloks. I prefer the tropical punch (red) and whatever flavor the blue ones are. They don't make me nearly as thirsty as sports beans. Hope they work for you.

Adam said...

I'm really thinking about using some of my birthday money to get one of these. I'm still just not sure that I could pull off the full suit.

maybe someday

Tri Dave said...

Congrats on finding something that you like and fits right!

Ben said...

Love the Bloks - a good variation to a gel, and they go down pretty easy.

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