A Milestone Ride

Yesterday, I rode for 30 miles. Reasons this was such a big ride for me...

1) I was only supposed to go 25 miles, but I felt so good that I went 5 miles further. Because of that extra 5 miles, this ended up being my longest ride ever. I actually wanted to go a little longer, but I ran out of trails!

2) I tried out my shot bloks. It was a 2:15 ride, and I ate 5 of them. They weren't bad at all. Tasted kind of like giant strawberry fruit snacks.

3) Today is exactly 2 years after my first triathlon ever, where I only had to complete 6 miles on the bike. I have come a long way since then.

4) This is my last long ride before Sunday's olympic triathlon.

I am definitely feeling more prepared now than I was a week ago. Of course, the bike isn't the scary part... the swim is. While I have swam race distance, it was in a pool. I'm nervous to swim in Lake Michigan with the cold water and the waves and all the probably-better-than-me triathletes.

I've calculated out my times, and here are my goals...

A - 3:30 (If I somehow sprout wings between now and next Sunday)
B - 3:49 (My realistic goal)
C - 4:00 (If I'm in pain or sick and just trying to finish)

This is probably the most nervous and excited I've been for a race (even my first triathlon).

Bring it on, race!


JojaJogger said...

Good luck! You certainly have come a long way in two years. Swim, ride, and run fast, but most of all, have fun!

Diana said...

Good luck in lake Michigan!
Just imagine what another 2 years will bring?!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with nervous and excited. As to the lake, I could not believe how much the wet suit helps. I did not seem to get as tired. Looking forward to it this weekend. Dad

Lindsay said...

Hope you have a great race!!

Justin said...

Good Luck

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