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Totally not related to triathlons, but a) I promised, and b) Adam asked.

My town, if nothing more, does a really great job at catering to its younger, more musical and artistic citizens. They hold free concerts at least twice a week in the summer time, they constantly have beer and wine tastings, traveling art galleries, and the like.

Back in April, they held the second annual Bright Night photography contest. They instructed downtown businesses to keep all their lights on so local photographers could take pictures at night (it is held each year on the night of our minor league baseball team's first home game).

So, even though I had to work until 10pm that night, I grabbed a coat and my camera and headed out. I got a lot of mediocre pictures... but it only takes one good one.

(Click to enlarge)

This photograph won 2nd place in the contest and a hefty $300 prize. You can see the other winners here.

After the check had been cashed and the excitement had worn off, I received a call from a woman who's company wanted to buy the license to the photograph and use it on their website.

Um... yes, please!

So now my photo can also be found here!

It's amazing how 20 seconds of photography and 5 minutes of Photoshop could be worth so much money. I can now consider my expensive triathlon "habit" paid for this year!


Carly said...

Great photo!!! Congrats on the winnings too. That is so awesome.

Adam said...

WOW!!!!!! That is so awesome. It honestly looks a bit fake! (in a good way)

So, what kind of camera do you have? a cool guy SLR?

Gina said...

Congrats, Kelly! That is very cool! I'm enjoying your "Ikea Bride," blog too.

Diana said...

That's absolutely awesome! Congrats for them picking your photo!

That Pink Girl said...

How cool are YOU?!? Very! It's an awesome photo - yoy did a great job! Congrats on your prize AND your feature!

gene said...

i agree, very nice pho-to. keep up the great work! (linked here from Adam's blog....)

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