Winter Does Not Agree With Me

I hate running outside when it's cold. I figured running on a treadmill at the Y is a far better option.

That is, until I fell off the treadmill going 6mph.

You read that right... I fell completely off the treadmill, first-week-of-Biggest-Loser-style. And it was at the peak time of 5:30pm. And everyone within a 20-foot radius stopped and stared. And the 2 women next to me squealed, "oh my god, are you okay?!"

Yes. Fine. Just a little bruising of the ego, that's all.

I gathered my things and finished my run outside in 40-degree weather.

I've been a little squeamish of treadmills ever since. Every time I step on one now, I feel wobbly and like I'm not running straight. I'm afraid I will get too involved in whatever show is on TV and forget what I'm doing and end up with a face-plant this time. Ouch.


My side of Ryan and I's weight loss bet isn't going so well. I don't know how much he has lost, but he told his Mom on the phone recently that it was "a significant amount". Ugh.

I, on the other hand, have been losing and gaining the same pound for the past 2 weeks.

Top = Me, Bottom = Ryan

And I've discovered why all weight-loss attempts in the past have failed: Each time I GAIN weight, I think I worked out and stuck to my calories, why did I gain weight? At least if I'm going to gain weight, it should be for a good reason... like ice cream or pizza. And then I go eat ice cream or pizza. Sort of like a reverse bad decision. Like my body OWES me junk food after putting on the pounds.

Um... stupid, I know. But it makes sense in my head.

So I'm trying to change my thinking. I trying to be like all those NORMAL people who actually use weight gain as a motivation to work harder the next day.

We have only 1 week until our HALFWAY weigh-in, and I'm confident that Ryan is going to beat me big time! He may be a boy (stupid boys, losing weight easier...), but I have workouts on my side, and I hope that next month, I'll be able to catch up to him.


Ryan's birthday was on Wednesday. He is now a whopping 24 years old! I couldn't think of an actual GIFT to get him for his birthday (it's way too close to Christmas), so I will be taking him to Cleveland next weekend.

Next weekend will be 2 years from our first date, which was in Cleveland.
Story: It was 2008. I lived in northern Illinois. He lived in eastern Pennsylvania. We decided on Cleveland because it was almost exactly halfway (7 hour drive for each of us). We met at Applebee's for dinner (it was technically a blind date), then tried to go bowling (but the alley was closed). The next day, we went to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame and headed to our respective homes.

Actual photo from our first date... in front of the Rock Hall
So we will be staying in a hotel downtown Cleveland. I'll take him bowling at the alley that was closed, then we will spend Saturday night at a dueling piano bar. On Sunday, we will go to the toboggan chutes, then lunch at Applebee's. Yay weekend trip!


That Pink Girl said...

Girl I feel your pain. We are doing Biggest Loser at work and Ive GAINED 4 pounds. Gah!
I'm so sorry you fell off the dreadmill - Im glad you're okay!

JojaJogger said...

Have fun on your weekend trip! Stupid treadmill, how dare it derail you.

Diana said...

Someday I will have to put my denture/treadmill story on my blog!
I hate the treadmill, but damn girl, it was 40 degrees and you were inside???? I'm only inside if it's under 0 (zero)!
Cool plan for the Cleveland trip, I may be arrested from the Hall of Fame on March 15th when my beloved ABBA gets inducted, since they don't sell tickets to the public for the ceremony!
Have a great trip and best of luck on the weigh in! Blame it on calling it muscle, it weighs more than fat!

Rainmaker said...

Yeah, counting calories can be tough. When I do - I try and simply ignore the workouts (if it's short enough), to purposely create a calorie deficit. Not something you can do when you're doing longer ones though.

Either way, keep it up!

Gina said...

Congrats on your upcoming trip to Cleveland! That sounds like a fun little trip you have planned.

Sorry about your treadmill fall. Bummer. I have not fallen there...yet.

Good luck on the rest of your weight loss challenge. It always seems like the guys lose weight easier. :-/

Adam said...

Oh no! Falling off the treadmill would be SUPER sucky. I'm with you, I would totally finish the run outside.

Good luck with the cals counting. It is math, which isn't fun, and it is NOT eating which is REALLY not fun!

Anonymous said...

OUCH! I feel your pain on the treadmill. I'd rather run in 40 degree weather too!

Good luck with the weight loss challenge. I'll have my mid-way weight posted soon enough too.

Ted said...

I am glad you didn't get hurt - seriously over the treadmill. Like you, I hate running especially when it is cold outside.

The plan to Cleveland sounds awesome. That is the place where I was born.

melissadahl said...

Hey there! I'm a health writer for msnbc.com, and I stumbled across your post while working on a story about gym injuries and accidents. I would love to include you in the piece -- I just love your attitude about it.

Would you have some time to chat over the phone about your treadmill adventures -- perhaps this evening or tomorrow morning? :) E-mail me at melissa.dahl@msnbc.com or call at 425.421.1433. Should be a brief (but fun!) conversation. And hey -- I'm sure we could include a link to your blog in the article as well.

Thanks --

Melissa Dahl
Health writer/editor, msnbc.com

Adam said...

(commenting on a random post)

So it is YOUR fault about the news!! I totally didn't even think about you! :)

Of course, I watch enough news that even you in IN will have a job for a long time to come.

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