I had a 4 mile run scheduled for today. About a mile into it, my butt started hurting. It felt like a muscle was tightening up. But I powered through and finished in 43:37. Not too shabby at all.

1 1/2 - 2 hours after my run, I started to feel really sick. I recalled that the last time I ran 5 miles, I had the same feeling shortly after the run. I don't know if my running is causing this, or if it's a coincidence.

So here come the questions...

A) How do you stretch your glutes?

B) Any ideas what may be causing the nausea? I feel like the easy answer is "nutrition"... but isn't 4 or 5 miles too short to be worrying about that type of thing?

C) Does anyone know anything about Fort Wayne, Indiana? (Random, I know... but I was called about a job there.)

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jeanne said...

glutes: no idea, but google glute stretch, you'll find plenty.

as to the nausea: I get this on the rare occasion that i run too fast. Are you ramping up too fast too soon? Adding too many miles, plus trying to go faster? a heart rate monitor would probly really help you stay in the right zone.

indiana? come to the coast, woman! either one will do. :)

Karen said...

Make sure you are hydrated.

Karen said...

Make sure you are hydrated.

Gina said...

Don't know about the glute.

But for the nausea - maybe you need a little recovery food/drink when you finish? (Chocolate milk?) And drink some water, too... before and after.

Sorry, don't know much about Ft. Wayne either.

Adam said...

1. lay on your back and bring your knee to your forehead with your arms. you should feel it in your glute and your hamstrings.

2. Gina and Jeanne are right. You probably ran too fast thereby sucking the blood out of your GI tract (and putting it into your legs). Then, when you stopped it all came rushing back in there. Also, it seems counter intuitive, but eating some light solid foods helps - even though the last thing you want to do it eat. On the same note, how much before running did you eat? It happens to me if I eat right before running for the same blood reason as above.

Marcy said...

I'm with Adam on the stretch.

I also agree with the fast bit and are you eating a lot of sugar before you go? Sugar always kills me.

Rainmaker said...

No idea on stretching...but, I'm with everyone else on starting too fast and potentially (likely) lack of nutrition somewhere in there. It doesn't take much to toss off a run, even 4 or 5 miles. I'll know by the first mile if things are going down the crapper.

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