2009 Food Challenge: Minestrone Soup

Yes, I know it's been FOREVER, but I'm finally back with another installment of my 2009 Food Challenge! Just as a refresher... I'm striving to buy and try one new item each time I go grocery shopping.

What did I buy? Campbell's Minestrone Soup.

Any preconceived notions? For once, I had none. Overall, I'm not a huge fan of soup. The only kind I ever eat is Chicken Noodle, but I don't feel soup in general is filling enough to be considered a meal.

Have I tried it before? No.

How was it prepared? Mixed with water and heated up on the stove. How else would you do it?

The verdict? Hmm... not too shabby. The bad thing about soup is it's a vegephobic's worst nightmare. The good thing about soup is you can pick around all the nastiness. And that's exactly what I did. I very much enjoyed the "broth" and the noodles. The carrots were edible but tasteless. Beans? EW. I avoided those at all costs. And there were some things in that soup that I couldn't even identify. Scary.

Will I buy it again? I'm not so sure. While it wasn't bad, I didn't eat enough of it to feel like it was worth buying. But perhaps this will open the door to different kinds of soups (soups without beans, hopefully!).


Michelle said...

I love the progresso WW soups. Probably not hard to beat that minestrone ;)

Anonymous said...

It seems like if you are trying new foods, it should include trying all of the ingredients. You might actually like some of those items mixed in. Dad

Adam said...

OMG - I LOVE dad's advice :)

You are brave, very brave to try that. No way I'd buy a can of that junk...opps, I mean soup.

jeanne said...

good lord woman. that's not soup! it's watered-down & overcooked--i believe this is the stuff they serve in prison!

If you're gonna buy canned soup, go for the expensive stuff. Making it from scratch is best but a lot of work.

I'm waiting for your brussels sprouts post.

Ted said...

FYI - any soup from Progresso are the best. I am not a big fan of Campbell's soup. I am also a big fan of Ramen's Noodle soup but it has high sodium.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, we all really like the Campbell's Min. soup! Don't be afraid to eat all the stuff that's in it; it's actually pretty good. Must be FULL of salt though....from the BLM schultzes

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