Running and a 2-Hour Easter

I completed four workouts in the past week. That's pretty good compared to what I was averaging in March.

My training plan had me run 3 1/2 miles on Thursday and Saturday. I was supposed to run an easy 2 miles today, but it was 28 degrees and raining. I don't do rain.

But, as for my 3 1/2 miles... the one on Saturday was much better. I completed the distance 3:30 faster than I had on Thursday. I have NO idea why I do this. You'd think a runner like myself would be able to keep a consistant pace day-to-day. Apparently not. I just never know if it's going to be a 9 min/mile day, or a 12 min/mile day.

On schedule for tomorrow is a... (wait for it)... TRACK WORKOUT. Wow. I haven't done one of those since... well... track. We'll see if the weather cooperates.


Yesterday was Easter (duh). Even though I had to work (of course), I was able to drive down to my aunt's house in the morning, and hang out with family for 2 hours. It's hard to justify a 4 hour round-trip drive for only 2 hours being there, but I havn't spent a holiday with my family in TWO YEARS. It was nice to see them.

All of my cousins are too old for egg hunts, with the exception of one. She is 3 1/2. And since it's been 2 years since I've done a family holiday, it's obvious that I haven't gotten to see her much.

Kids grow up so fast. Especially when you don't see them every day. Last time I saw her, she wasn't even talking!

I know it's been a while, but I will post my next Food Challenge post sometime over the next couple days. Happy Easter, everyone!


Gina said...

I don't think your 4 hour drive for a 2 hour visit is crazy at all - I've done worse. It is nice to be with family when you haven't in a while.

Good for you on the running, too. It will be fun to read about your progress for your marathon relay!

Karen said...

I didn't think it was crazy, we were do glad you could be with us. That pic of Maya is adorable.

Alesia said...

It was great to see you Kelly. We really appreciated that you made the drive down to hunt and hide easter eggs with us. Maya had a great time playing with you.

Diana said...

Family is golden....they won't always be around. I'd drive anywhere to see my family..if only there was a bridge to heaven!

Keep up with the running...looking good!

Marcy said...

OMG how cute is she?! The cool thing about small children (everything else about them just sucks :P) is that they make holidays like Christmas and Easter so much fun. Like being a kid all over again hehe.

Adam said...

Track workout! Blah. That is the worst part of training.

Glad that you were able to see some fam on Easter!

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