Orange Shirts are Awesome

It was 66 degrees with no wind at 11:15 this morning. PERFECT outdoor workout weather. After much debate, I decided to extract Reagan from her trainer and take her for our first ride of 2009.

I forgot it was Saturday, which means the bike path was packed with walkers and strollers and dogs. The first 2 miles were the hardest since I had to dodge a lot of people. Along with this, there was an exceptionally annoying cyclist in front of me (age: 18?), who was being cocky. He was whipping in and out of pedestrians, riding with no hands, and speeding up every time I tried to pass him. Gurrr.

About 10 minutes into my ride, I realized I had forgotten something... my helmet! Woops. I guess it really has been too long.

I started out strong, averaging around 17 mph. That didn't last too long, because I'm not "biking" in-shape. I slowed down to a 13-14 mph speed and even had to get off and walk up one of the hills. Considering I haven't rode in almost 6 months, I wasn't too dissapointed with how it went.

Somewhere along my ride, I met another biker. He said he liked my shirt (we were both wearing obnoxiously bright orange t-shirts). We rode next to eachother for a mile or so and talked. He gave me some tips on bike routes I didn't know about. That was nice. He said I could join him on his 22 mile ride, but I passed because I had to get back and get ready for work.

It was a lovely ride, however biking today may have been a bad decision. I love it so much... I don't think I'll want to run ever again!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. The boy will be in town all next week, so posting will be scarce.


jeanne said...

biking v running: the bike always wins! too bad it's always such a big production for me to bike.

and no helmet=DISQUALIFIED! as punishment: no running for 1 week. heh.

Adam said...

Boooo biking! :) Actually I went to a bike store the other day and looked at road bikes. Then I realized that I'd have to sell a kidney to afford one :) I'm totally jealous of your warm weather...

Icing - nothing fancy, I put the ice in a gallon zip lock bag about 1/3 full, and fill the other 1/3 with water so that I don't get frost bitten. I then squish the air out of the last 1/3 so that it can mold around my ankle.

Ted said...

I have never been too fond of biking! I don't know what's the thrill about the bike. I just don't get it. Every time I see a cyclist, I always wave at 'em. They never waved back to me. I'd prefer to stick with running - just loves the intensity it comes with that cycling doesn't.

Anonymous said...

So was the guy cute who wanted you to ride 22 mi.w/him??

Marcy said...

Yyyeaaahh he totally wanted to pick you up ;-)

Rainmaker said...

No helmet = failboat.

I too find it funny he attempted to pick you up.

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