You Won't Believe What I Just Did

... that's what I said to my boyfriend when I got back from my run.

(drumroll please)



I ran for AN ENTIRE HOUR without stopping.

I was going to post my newest Food Challenge, but this is far more excited (to me, at least).

It's the furthest I've run by by 1.06 miles, and the longest I've run by 15 minutes. The weather was perfect, and since it's a Sunday, there were lots of pedestrians to watch.

A moment for the negative... IT HURT. As soon as I passed the 3-mile mark, both hips started to ache. They didn't stop until I stopped running (scratch that... they still hurt). My right knee had some pretty severe pain on and off through the final 2 miles of the run.

I'm thinking I definitely should look into some sort of vitamins or something. My joints are at least 50 years older than I am.

But I'm still really excited! This just opened a whole new door for me and my running. Wooo.

Food Challenge post tomorrow, I promise.


Karen said...

I guess that emergency ice cream must have helped your running, I will try that. Seriously, good job.

That Pink Girl said...

Congratulations - that is WONDERFUL! Rock on with your bad self!!! (and I'm looking forward to the Food Challenge report tomorrow)

Ted said...

Awwww come on... I have to wait another measly 24 hours for the Food challenge report tomorrow. This is not fair.

Just kidding !! Kudos for doing the 5 miles. Ice that up baby !

Rainmaker said...

Sweet. Congrats! See, it wasn't so bad afterall, right? Assuming walking is still a possibility tomorrow of course.... :)

Looking forward to the food competition!

Adam said...

NICE! That is so awesome, too bad about your hips. Hopefully more miles will help.

I started to take glucosimine a while back and I think that it is helping. Although, I only take 1/2 as much as you are supposed to. You are supposed to take it twice a day!! Annoying.

peter said...

Woo hoo! 5 miles. When I first started running I had a regular 2 1/2 mile route I did five days a week. One day on a lark I doubled it. That was the furthest I ran that first year, til I did my first 10K race. (The sixth mile of that race was interesting.) Your first marathon isn't far off!

Marcy said...

CONGRATS chica!! Sounds like it was a great run (except for the hip part :-( )

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Great job!!! It only gets easier.

jeanne said...

That's amazing! Congratulations! Of course, since I'm a mother I am duty-bound by contract to warn you to increase your mileage gradually.

If you can run 1 hour you can run 2 and if you can run 2 you can do a half marathon! whoo hooo!

Jess said...

congrats on all these running accomplishments! (and sorry for writing on an old blog...) supplements that would help would be: glucosamine (pref. glucosamine sulfate, or "" hydrochloride...but look for "" sulfate first..it'd be better for your needs...); omega-3 fatty acids (google it and see the foods it's in:) and/or Vitamin B complexs; All of these will help re-boost articuar cartilage (joint cushions) and should reduce inflammation (takes 2-4 weeks to notice a difference) g'luck!! little >dietitian< buddy :)

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