You All Totally Called It

That wasn't much of a vote at all... it was a slaughter!

The Rockman Triathlon won 6-0. Along with that, my mom convinced me that I need to sign up for the Chicago Triathlon too. My Dad wants to compete in the Chicago SuperSprint (which was my first triathlon ever) as HIS first triathlon ever! Awesome. So he would be doing the SuperSprint, and I would do the Sprint the following day.

The big question is... DID I sign up for any of these races?

And the big answer is NO.

But I have a great reason. Because right before I went to sign up for them, I got an email from Tulsa, OK. The CBS affiliate wants to conduct a phone interview with me!

That's right... a JOB prospect. And in a #61 market (does that mean anything to you people?). I'm extremely excited about this and even dreamed last night that I was living in Oklahoma (no joke).

Well, I have a few hours until work. There are dishes to wash, workouts to complete, and internets to surf.


Tri Dave said...

#61 market? How does that relate to NYC? ;)

Kelly said...

NYC is #1.

That Pink Girl said...

Yay, that is exciting! Good luck and keep us posted.

Rainmaker said...

Tulsa ehhh? ;)

Adam said...

Nice! #61 would def be a step up!

Didn't I call that in my last comment? Adam: 1, World: 0.

Good luck on the interview.

Marcy said...

Oooooooo baby that's AWESOME news! Whoot! ;D ;D

Diana said...

Nice on the job prospect-best of luck. Will you need a cowboy hat down in OK?!
Can't wait to hear how it all turns out! Triathlons come and go, but good jobs are now a days far and few in between!

Ted said...

Whooooa...How's exciting? Hmmm.. I have always wonder why it says "Oklahoma is OK State" on license plates. Hmmm.. I guess it must be an okay state! okay ! oh well !

Anonymous said...

You probably will take up bronc busting if you get the Tulsa job. Bibles ,broncos and oil are big there. Opa

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