2009 Food Challenge: Sunflower Seeds

I'm still crazy sore from yesterday's run, so I'm taking the morning off. And in an interesting plot twist, I've been contacted about ANOTHER job! This one is in Green Bay. Big difference between Green Bay and Tulsa!

So here, for your viewing pleasure is another edition of the 2009 Food Challenge!

What did I buy? Sunflower Seeds... roasted and salted. I consider this my segue to nuts (which I hate).

Any preconceived notions? When they are in their shell, they make me think of the mice I used to own (it's what they ate). When they are out of their shell, they make me think of crazy health nut people sitting around eating their seeds.

Have I tried it before? Once or twice here or there... but never roasted.

How was it prepared? Just plain out of the bag.

The verdict? I was surprised that I actually liked them. It was a good snack because it takes me a while to eat them all (which means I'm not eating other junk during that time!). I can only handle so many though. After a while, they start to taste rather bland.

Will I buy it again? I think I just might.


Marcy said...

You've only had them a couple times (before this)? Ohhhhh I lurve me some sunflower seeds! Yum-o!

Adam said...

Hey hey, we have a winner on the food challange!! When you said that you didn't like nuts, I wasn't sure if you would like sunflower seeds because I have always thought that they were pretty nutty.

That is awesome about the job!! I'm sure that you'll keep us all posted.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

MMMMMMM. I love sunflower seeds. I think I would go to Tulsa over Greenbay. Just my two cents.

Diana said...

I may be totally bias on this one Kelly, but I'm a WI girl-go for Green Bay!!!!! Then I can see your name scroll on the credits!
Sunflower seeds-yum, especially on a salad!!!

Anonymous said...

Yum! You should bake your own after you carve a pumpkin!

Ted said...

The only time I eat sunflower seeds is when I am at any baseball game. Great time to spit the shells down on those fans' heads.

untpawgal02 said...

I am so now craving some sunflower seeds... thanks ;)

Gina said...

I'm glad you liked the sunflower seeds - they are pretty good. I like nuts (the food kind ). Usually any nuts that are salted and roasted are good. And good job on the 5 miles!

Lora said...

Every time I visit your blog, your title just cracks me up!

Glad you like the Sunflower seeds. They are yummy but definitely bland after a while. I agree.

Thanks for the post on my blog the other day. I'd eat 100% carbs, too, if it wasn't for this stupid triathlon thing! :)

That Pink Girl said...

I checked out your link to Spibelt...how cool is that? They featured you on their site?!!? It really is a great product - you are so right!

Carly said...

Yum! I love sunflower seeds. I became an addict after I quit smoking.

Anonymous said...

wow, Kelly that looks really good. I should try it, i just might like it myself. lol


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