A Sad Day for Triathlete Kelly

As of 7 days ago, my choice spring triathlon filled up. I know this because I finally said "enough of this horsing around" and went to register this morning. And when I got there, the website said NO. No triathlon for you!

Now I'm stuck and I'm not sure what my next step should be. So naturally, like a good blogger, I shall take a vote.

1) June 7, Rockman Triathlon: Only about 15 minutes away. The earliest nearby triathlon I could find.

2) June 14, U.S. Women's Triathlon Series: Takes place in my hometown, 1.5 hr away. My race of choice. Problem is, I 100% cannot take off work that weekend, so I would have to send my parents to get my race packet the day before. I would have to make sure I was done racing by 12:30 so I could get back in time for work.

3) Nothing: Both of these races are nonrefundable, of course. So, I'm not convinced I should sign up for ANYTHING yet. However, that's how I screwed myself over with the race that just closed.

You may now pick up your electronic keypads and make your voting selection (aka leave a comment).


Karen said...

I say go for the close one, but you know me, I am not a risk taker.

Marcy said...

I'm with Karen but that's only because I'm WAAAYYY anal about time issues and if there was any possibility of me not getting to work on time ot not having enough time to do X or Y I'd be freaked out LOL

Adam said...

I vote the close one too. You can always do your home town one, pretty quick here you are going to get a fun new job and will move far far away. Right??

Mike said...

Rock the close one! You can do it!!!

Ted said...

I am having trouble punching in my electronic keypad. I say GO TEAR DOWN THE WALL AT ROCKMAN!

Anonymous said...

I'd do the Rockman one, since that's the shorter swim, but that's just because I suck at swimming. Being close is probably also good.

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