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The other day, I received a package from That Pink Girl. It was the grocery bag I had won!

So, when I went to the grocery store the other day, I tried it out.

I love it! It's cute and pink and holds a lot of my groceries (but not all of them, because I buy a LOT of food!).

Backtracking a little bit... I was looking through my pantry and making my grocery list. I realized that I have SO much food that I'm just not eating. I figured I could cut my grocery bill down significantly if I just tried to eat what I already had. So instead of making a grocery list, I made a chart of meals for each day... using only the food I already had.

It's been going really well so far. I've been eating a little healthier and I only spent $30 at the grocery store for staples like milk, cereal, lettuce, etc.

It's 51 degrees outside today with 9 mph winds, so I think I'll try another run. I hope my joints hold up.


Adam said...

We do that about every other month or so. It really helps lower costs by $50 or so!

Yeah! Keep chugging away on the running. It is soooo nice out.

Diana said...

Food looks good!
It's been warm here to and today I got out big time to enjoy it before heading to work for the night and dealing with sick people!
I gotta say about your joints....look into the velvet antler I take. Check the site for Meadow Creek Elk Farm on my sidebar of just google it for any info you want. I, honest to god, have NO, NONE, NADA, SILCH pain in my joints and it's truly the best thing I've gotten into. Yes, it's a little costly, but when you add up all the pills people take seperately to get the same effect of the antler, it's cheaper in the long run and it's all natural.
Enough of my sales pitch.....balls in your court! ;-)

That Pink Girl said...

Yay - I'm glad you like your bag! And we "eat through the pantry" every so often. I'm always amazed what I find in there when normally I would declare that we have nothing to eat. Kudos to you!

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