Hello, spring?

Who knew that 55 degrees is the PERFECT temperature to go running in? Not me! But it was wonderful and warm. I got to wear a t-shirt (I saw some people in JACKETS and GLOVES and wondered why they are so crazy?!). Unfortunately, this warm day also brought disturbingly strong winds. I was literally being blown over with the 30 mph gusts. That doesn't make for fun running.

I only got ONE mile out when my hip started hurting too bad to continue. I stopped, turned around, and walked back to my apartment. Boooo. Despite that, my spirits are high. I have strong hopes that my pains will improve as the season progresses and I get in more miles.

I'm in disbelief that spring is coming (Is it coming?). Actually, when I was out today, it felt more like fall than spring. There aren't any flowers or blooms or new leaves. There is brown grass and dead leaves blowing around. That's not very spring-like. The weird thing about the warm weather, is it will motivate me to go to the Y more (counter-intuitive, I know). This is because I enjoy running or walking to the Y (it's just across the river from me). When it's cold and snowy, I have to drive there, and that's no fun.

I hope you are all experiencing the wonderful weather as well (and using it to your training advantage!). Tomorrow is supposed to be another gorgeous day, so I'll probably try another run.


Ted said...

As of 9:46 Eastern Standard Time here, it is close to 50 degrees. Thanks for sending the warm weather here in NJ from Chicago. It's HERE !!! (psst.. its going to be cooler next week. Dang !!!)

Hope you are feeling better and not hurting!

Adam said...

I DID enjoy the warm weather!!! It was 80 yesterday in KC! Soooo awesome. In fact, I may open the windows at home today.

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