I've received a lot of Valentine's Day cards. I think I've gotten more Valentine's Day cards than I got Christmas cards in December!

(this isn't all of them)

However, my boyfriend is mostly to thank for that, because a whopping FIVE cards are from him! I also got one from a friend, one from my parents, and one from my grandparents (thanks, thanks, and thanks!).

This has always been a weird holiday for me. I've always been either single, in a long distance relationship, or dating someone who didn't care ("Vale-what?"). So while most couples are out to dinner with their valentine's right now, I'm working, and my boyfriend is at home in PA.

I hope you all do something special tonight (even if it's just drink an entire bottle of wine by yourself). Happy Valentine's Day!


Marcy said...

Wha?! You got 5 cards for him? Dayum, sounds like someone is in lurve ;-)

Adam said...

FIVE!? Wow, way to set the bar. Eesh

He is now on the list with a buddy of mine who proposed under the effel tower and the buddy who proposed in a helicopter.

jeanne said...

i ate a bag of malted milk balls and then felt ill. always a special day.

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