Here Goes Nothing...

Sometimes baby steps just aren't enough.

I've only done 3 workouts this entire month. Jeez.

I look back at my logs from last summer and I'm in disbelief at how hard I worked. Back then, I would take a day off and feel like a slacker.

I'll admit that I don't exactly fit in with all you hardcore runners and triathletes. I don't ENJOY working out or running. I would much rather sit inside and do nothing. What keeps me going is my striving to be a little bit healthier... and my sense of accomplishment when I finish my training and a really hard race. I love those 5 minutes after the finishline.

Because I don't like to workout, it's really hard to get motivated. So I'm boiling my solution down to one thing... my training begins tomorrow.

That's right. Even though I'm not officially signed up for my first triathlon, I will start training for it. Tomorrow. No excuses. No being tired or hungry or more interested in my new season of "How I Met Your Mother" (thanks, Ryan!).

With the triathlon being only 10 weeks away, I really need to get my butt in gear. I expect you people to hold me accountable! (not really... but it couldn't hurt).


Karen said...

Oh, I can hold you accountable, now,who is going to help me. As you know, I am not sacred of YOU.

Diana said...

If you think the first 5 minutes after a race are great, just wait till you feel those first 5 minutes after your tri! Priceless!
Get motivated or I'll come and make ya motivated....be careful, I swing heavy kettlebells!!! LOL!

Mike said...

Get your ass in gear!!! lol I know it's tough to start but put a schedule together to plan your weekly goals for the next 10 weeks. Then you have a full week to accomplish that/those goals if your schedule is crazy like mine. :)

Anonymous said...

The first thing we need to do to hold you accountable is to get you to sign up for the race! Happy training.

Marcy said...

I don't enjoy it either. Really I don't. I just get the whole "guilt" thing going on which makes me do it LOL.

Now get to it chica! ;-)

Rainmaker said...


Today is 'tomorrow', per yesterday. Just sayin'. ;)

Lindsay said...

Hope day 1 of getting back to the workouts goes well!

Adam said...

I was on a plane super early this morning and my phone wouldn't let me comment on the blog. Hope it goes well! ;)

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