TGIF Photo Friday

(Theme Courtesy Nikemom.)

It's a very important day today... it's Friday the 13th! This has always been a BIG holiday with my friends and I.

I have a friend who I've known since preschool. Friday the 13th was always celebrated with a campout in her backyard. We would buy a bunch of junk food and rent a bunch of scary movies and watch them on a portable TV.

As the years went on, the tradition grew to include more and more people. Here's us the summer before our senior year in High School...

(Yes, the blonde with the sunglasses is me. Yes, it's my natural hair color.)

So I hope everyone does something super spooky today! This is a HOLIDAY, people! And if you miss this one, there is another one next month!


Adam said...

Who is that girl with the IOWA shirt? I hope you don't talk to her anymore.

Iowa State is the bestest! Yessssss

Diana said...

The good old high school days.....sweet memories!

peter said...

Last Friday was the 13th? And there's another one next month? I just figured out I'll be out on the ocean in a sailboat. Uh-oh.

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