Taking Care of Business

This morning, I passed up working out for watching the "Bachelor" that I had DVRed. I'd like to go on the record saying that I am extremely happy with this decision.

The girls have been narrowed down to 3, and I love them all. Apparently he should have just come and asked ME who to marry, because I picked out these three girls as the top three within the first TWO hours of the show. He could have saved a lot of time and hassle.

I have the next two days off work. I'm excited.

My weight loss is officially back on track... 149. Woooo! I think I'm going to set my new goal to 140, but I'm realistic that it may take me a long time to reach.

I would like to take advantage of this week's warm and rainy weather by getting into the pool at some point.

On a different note, I have read your suggestions about an exotic food next time, and I will consider it. Although, "exotic" for me is really just "normal" for most people. We'll see what happens.

So if any of my loyal readers would like to SUGGEST a food for me to try (if it's not bread, pasta, or cereal, it's safe to assume I've never had it), leave me a comment and I'll look into it!


Adam said...

Hmmm, normal to most people huh..... So does that mean the puffer fish is out of the question?

Do you like olives? I tried them again a while back and have really grown to love them. Supposed to be "good" fats too. A lot of times I'll eat them after a run when I am in the mood for something a bit salty. So, either those, or puffer fish. :-P

Marcy said...

I can't help because "exotic" to me means deep fried Twinkies or something along those lines LOL

Rainmaker said...

So if I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying you would have choosen to marry all three girls? That could make this interesting for your BF.

Ryan said...

Who are you my wife????

Skipping a workout to watch the Bachelor that has been DVR'd... You know honey, you can watch it when you get back.

Guinea Pig is really making a comeback...its Peruvian (read exotic)

Ryan said...

I just read Ray's comment...WOW!

Are you looking for exotic or EROTIC!!!!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

I think Ray is on to something. As far as exotic foods I am a big fan of Afghan kaboobs. MMMMMMMMM

Anonymous said...

Try a different kind of cheese. I'd guess you're a cheddar or swiss kind of girl. So you can't chose those!

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