2009 Food Challenge: Whole Grains

For those of you who didn't know, and for those of you who forgot, I am working on my very own 2009 Food Challenge this year.

When I started this, I said, "every time I go grocery shopping, I will buy ONE item that I have either never tried, or tried once and disliked."

Last time, it was eggs. They were so-so.

This week, I present you with: Whole Grain! I decided to just lump whole grain foods into one big category instead of reviewing them all seperately.

What did I buy? I bought Whole Grain Wheat Bread, Whole Grain Mac and Cheese, and Whole Grain Rotini Pasta.

Any preconceived notions? I have to admit, I wasn't particularly looking forward to this challenge. I don't like breads with little things in them (grains? seeds? I dunno). And I'm a HUGE fan of regular pasta, so I'm pretty convinced it can't be improved upon.

Have I tried it before? I've tried whole grain bread before (I think), and didn't HATE it... I just like white bread so much better. I've been buying white for years now. However, I have never tried whole grain pasta. The color of it scares me.

How was it prepared? The bread was used in a peanut butter sandwich. The mac and cheese was prepared via instructions on the box. The pasta has yet to be made (I'm a busy girl).

The verdict? The bread wasn't bad. It DID have little things (grains? seeds? I dunno) in it, but they weren't huge, and after a while, I hardly noticed.

However, I didn't enjoy the crusts... they seem thicker than normal bread and had a funny almost burnt taste to them.

But, I DID eat a second sandwich later in the week, so that's a good sign.

The mac and cheese was just okay. The dark noodles had a distinctively different flavor to them than what I'm used to.

I think I will have to try the mac and cheese one more time to fully make up my mind. After all, it may just be this specific brand that I didn't enjoy (although, who DOESN'T like Annie's?).

Will I buy it again? The bread, definitely. The mac and cheese, not sure.

Tune in next time for another episode of the 2009 Food Challenge (DUN DUN DUNNNNN).


Anonymous said...

Well it is about time you try different foods, I have only been trying for 23 years.

Ryan said...

Healthy Smealthy,

My kid likes Annies but I find it all kind of bland :-(

Diana said...

I can't believe you are not a fan of eggs! I think you are the first I've ever heard of! I probably eat 5-6 eggs a day! Well, not the last couple of days!
Thanks for the story of Annies mac and cheese, I was wondering about that for my son instead of the crap Kraft "blue box" stuff!

Anonymous said...

I think your next food challenge item should get daring! Like snails or chocolate covered bugs!

Steve Stenzel said...

YAY for whole grain! We only get whole grain or "7 grain" bread, and I love it. But you're right about the crusts - sometimes they're extra tough to deal with...

Rainmaker said...

One should never cross the line away from solid Blue Box Kraft Mac and Cheese...

Adam said...

Yeah, I remember the crusts being a bit tough too. Although, it is all that I can do to get my wife to buy the normal SUPER processed wheat bread! Good for you for actually trying it :)

I agree that you should try something WAY far out there next time..... Odd fish seems like the most fun to read about. What about those puffer fish that can kill you??

Marcy said...

We do the Annie's shiz for the kids all the time. It's "healthier" alternative to the Kraft stuff.

That Pink Girl said...

You should check out Kashi's TLC (Tasty Little Crackers) love 'em! Mmm Mmm good. And if you are really feeling adventurous, Wasa crackers. Swedish delight!

jeanne said...

good lord woman. that mac 'n cheese looks...just SAD!

try making your OWN mac 'n cheese! It's true, it doesn't just come in a box! and toss some broccoli and red peppers in there, et voila, you're done!

Live a little!

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