Ease Your Minds

I know you've all been just itching to find out if I kept my word.

And you'll be pleased to hear that I DID in fact. At 11:35am, I rode my trainer for 30 minutes (because that's what my training schedule told me to do). I'm using a 2x balanced 5K to sprint plan. For all you non-athletes out there, that means it's a plan geared towards people who can already run a 5K, and have the time for 2 runs, 2 swims, and 2 bikes per week.

My ride was a little pathetic. I have come to understand that my trainer is a necessary evil. I don't like that I never know how fast I'm going, because then I don't know if I should speed up or slow down. I like that I can watch TV with it, but it's a little loud to hear the TV over the "whirring" sound, so I have the TV on mute with captions.

I can't wait til I can get outside and ride for real. I'm nervous I won't get much outdoor practice before the race (I hope it warms up in March!).


Tonight at 11:59pm, we will have our DTV switch. I am SO sick of this thing, I can't wait for it to be over! There is so much more to it than I ever imagined. Not only are we switching to digital, but we are completely revamping our set and our graphics and changing to 16x9 (widescreen). This equals a LOT of work for us directors. One lucky jerk got today and tomorrow off (HOW did that slip through the cracks?!).

I'm just counting the days til the weekend. My college roommates are coming from Maryland and Ohio to Chicago and we are going to tear it up (do the kids still say "tear it up"? Is that still cool?).


Karen said...

Good for you!

jeanne said...

good for you x2.

i need a plan, too! where'd you get yours from?

Marcy said...

That whole DTV thing . . .isn't the gov't pushing it back now?!? What's up with that? They've been doing the commercials forevah and now they're waiting longer?!

Adam said...

Nice work! I honestly didn't know what 2x balanced was - so I'm glad you explained that. Keep it up!

Ryan said...

I look so much better in 16 x 9...fo' real!

Just get on your bike and pedal until you can't breathe, then ease up just a bit and hold that as long as the duration of your workout. Don't worry about tv volume because by the end of it you won't remember English!

Happy pedaling.

Ted said...

Tear it up?? Nah, I would prefer to say "paint the town red". Have fun tearing up with your friends!!!

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