Is it Spring Yet?

DTV Switch = stressful

My sleep = interrupted

My health = failing me

Today's workout = 15 minute run

(Yesterday's workout = cleaning my kitchen)

The upcoming weekend = roommate reunion

The upcoming week = Ryan visits

Last night's poker game = lose

Weight loss = hiatus

(Blink 182 = no more hiatus)

My food challenge = coming soon

My dream = spring

My reality = epic winter



Rainmaker said...

"Yesterday's workout = cleaning my kitchen"

Ha! I'm officially logging my kitchen cleaning next time in my log book.

Marcy said...

Amen sistah! I'm with you on the dreams of Spring *sigh*

Karen said...

Cleaning Kitchen is a lame excuse for a workout.

Adam said...

My previous client was a cable company - the DTV switch is a pain in the ass. I was actually the lead on the effort for the switch. The extra 4 months is actually MORE annoying because we were mostly ready to catch it digitally.

Fail, epic fail.

Ryan said...

Run More...

Spring will come!

Diana said...

We need spring, we're in the middle of an 8 inch dumping of snow today.....ugh!

jeanne said...

If i ever actually cleaned my kitchen, I'd totally log it! (who is karen? she's obviously not One of Us.)

I asked my kid like who will this DTV thing affect? she said people with antenna(s)(ae). I said "Who has antennas still?!?!?" She said, "Old people."


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