First Outdoor Run of 2009

And it was a good one!

It was a gorgeous 40 degrees outside (shut up, people who live in warm states). The sun was out and the 10 inch snowpack was melting... the perfect day for a run.

I did a basic out-and-back run that ended up being 3.07 miles long (I'm really happy with that... I havn't run that far since November).

Two things I didn't really think about before leaving the apartment: the wind, and the puddles. The wind was brutal and cut my run back to a snail's pace. The puddles were frequent and more like small creeks than puddles. I was secretly crying over how wet my brand new shoes were getting...

How did I feel mentally? Great. It was a beautiful day, a lot of fellow runners were out taking advantage, and I was wearing my recently restocked IPod.

How did I feel physically? Meh. My stomach was cramping a little bit, my ears were stinging because of the wind, and my right hip was trying to break my spirit.

Speaking of my hip... does anyone else have hip issues when they run? Both of them hurt, but the right one is far worse. It usually starts up after 2 or 3 miles. This was the ONLY thing preventing me from breaking the 5 mile mark last summer during my training. I can't imagine I'll EVER complete a marathon or Ironman if it continues feeling this way. Any tips?

I hope everyone else is experiencing such nice temperatures (and are out enjoying them!). I'll be stuck working in master control for the rest of the day and night.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I've lost a whole 4 1/2 pounds since last Saturday (when I got back from my cruise). Talk about MELTING off!

Happy weekend!


Tri Dave said...

Congrats on the run. Maybe the hip thing is from running outside? Do you run on the street and are the streets pitched? I've read to alternate sides of the street that you run on so you don't overstress either side of your body.

Karen said...

Well, you are making me look bad, I did not run in the beautiful weather and I can't seem to lose weight.

Adam said...

Wow, nice work! All but 0.5 of the cruise weight, right?? Yesssss

Do you have the hip issues when you go on the treadmill?

Kelly said...

My hip aches almost always when I run... but it gets worse the longer I run, and it seems to be a bit worse on pavement vs treadmill.

Adam said...

Blah, that sucks that they hurt a lot when you run. I friend of mine at work has that problem too. She was told by a doctor that one leg is longer than the other which is causing some of the problem.

of course, the "running doc" on runners world would say that shoe inserts would cure all. I'm still on the fence.

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