TGIF Photo Friday

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I pretty much just went to my pictures and opened the first folder I saw.

This is what I got...

It's me last year up in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. That is Rhinelander's town mascot... the Hodag. The Hodag is a mythical creature that those crazy people are obsessed with (it's even their High School's mascot! (which is not as bad as one of the schools up there that are the "Midgets"!)).

Happy Weekend everyone! (I still have a few days.)


Jess said...

Is it smiling?

Anonymous said...

It greets you as you pull into town!!! They have a good Octoberfest in September, to beat the snow! Remember it well. Opa

MizFit said...

totally sadly delurking only to say that the, errr, creature in the pic looks like I do this morning after being up all night w/a sick child.


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