I Totally Forgot

It's been weeks since my mom and I ran the Jinglebell 5K, and I never posted the official results (my mom doesn't even know her official time!).

Finished in 31:23.2
10:07 pace
11/26 in my AG (F 20-24)
315/562 overall

My mom...
Finished in 35:56.4
11:35 pace
6/12 in her AG
413/562 overall

So congratulations to her! (And yay for her hanging out with me today and tomorrow.)


Ryan said...

I just wanted to say hi and have a good weekend...sorry its been so long i have been too busy.

Did you talk some smack on smoking your mom by 4 min???


jeanne said...

whoa you are FAST! you have til jan 1 to "shave your 5k" (unless that is shaving it in which case you've already won!)
see half-fast:

jeanne said...

and not too shabby for mom either! well done!

IronGambit said...

yeah they do! But it's still cool! hahah :)

Mike said...

Congrats once again!!! Nice job to you and your mother!!!

Marcy said...

CONGRATS again chica!!

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