If the Survivor Cast was Made up of Triathletes

I'm stuck at work, our programming is 30 minutes late, and I'm bored watching "Survivor."

So what if every member of the Survivor cast was a triathlete?


-There would be some serious competition in the physical challenges.
-There might be some struggle in the puzzle challenges (unless the puzzle challenges involved changing a bike flat or swapping clothes really fast).
-Before the 39 days was up, four of them would have swam off the continent and found civilization.
-There would be a bucket sitting down by the beach for them to wash their feet off in.
-They would know exactly how many miles there were in between the camp, the water hole, and the tribal council.
-They would spend their afternoons chasing wildlife... not to catch it... just to see if they could run faster than a cheetah.
-There would be a strict fish and rice nutrition schedule with every calorie, gram of fat, and carbohydrate accounted for.
And lastly,
-They would have spent their afternoons etching the day's events into their "blog"... the side of a rock.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. My boyfriend will be in town for the next 4 days, so I might be scare.


Ryan said...

The men would find natural materials to shave their legs with...and tribal council would be according to who's Lactate Threshold is the lowest.

MizFit said...

FUNNY POST (types the woman who many never complete a tri.).
and have fun with the man.
be scarce :)
enjoy your time!

Rainmaker said...

Hilarious list!

Ted said...

One problem... I don't watch Survivors!

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