A Week of Being Thankful

Day 7

I missed yesterday because I was juggling my super stressful day at work while repressing the urge to KILL my landlord (they installed new windows over the weekend, and now I have no blinds in my bedroom!). Today, I'm thankful for my family. I know a lot of people who have messed up families or non-existent families, so I'm thankful for my extremely normal relatives. I wanted to put off this one til today because this is THE day to give thanks, and THE day to hang out with your family, and I'm unable to do the latter. And it's days like this that I really wish I hadn't taken all those other holidays for granted... snuck off to my room or drank a little too much wine. Because I would love to have today off and to be at home with all of them... food or not.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

(PS: I have a question.)


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kel. Dad

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! We missed you today.

Love Mom

jeanne said...

you're so very lucky. what a great idea to have a week of thanks!

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