I'm Going to Die on Saturday

My mom and I are running a 5K.

Our weatherman says it's going to snow.


I have yet to run outside in anything colder than 65 degrees, so this will be interesting.

If I don't write again before then, everyone have a good (warm) weekend!

PS: Yes, I realize I'm being overdramatic. It's actually one of my best attributes.


Marcy said...

Nah! You'll be good to go! Fun times!

Mike said...

So romantic, first big snow of the season! I'm going to stay inside a build a nice big fire and just watch it...oh...umm...you should be fine! lol Bundle up!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,Look like u and your mom was having a good time runnying. Keep up the good work, maybe I will see u running in New York. lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly, i missed spelled a word on the other comment, I meant to say running not runnying. lol

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