Going Long Distance

My boyfriend Ryan is coming to visit on Monday, and I'm so excited.

I live in Chicago and he lives in Philadelphia and we've been dating for 8 months now (all 8 of those months have been long distance).

While having a long distance relationship sucks (we see eachother less than once a month), it has its perks. For instance, he and I have yet to get in a single fight.

That's right... 8 months with no fights, no quarrels, no bickering, nothing.

I didn't even know this was possible.

It's so out of the ordinary, in fact, that my brain is overcompensting in other ways. I keep having dreams about our first fight. And since we never disagree about anything in real life, our "dream fights" are always about something ridiculous and totally fictional.

Back in April, I wrote Ryan an email telling him about my very first "fight dream." A girl friend of his came to Chicago to hang out with me. She told me she was there to gauge whether I deserved to date Ryan or not. But then I found out that she had been wearing a spy camera and he had secretly be spying on me all week from his home computer. I was furious.

These dreams have been occuring ever since. Just last night, I dreamed he kissed another girl in front of me. He couldn't figure out why I was so mad because he thought I had given him permission to do it.

But Ryan's visit next week isn't all good. Our only days that matched up all month were Monday and Tuesday. So he will be flying all the way here just to leave again 48 hours later.

We have 2 days to spend together and I'm completely drawing a blank on what to do with our time. I don't live in the most exciting town, and the weather stands in the way of most outdoor activities.

I guess we could always just lay around watching the simpsons and listening to the soothing construction noises.

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RPBenton said...

I vote for the laying around and watching Simpsons haha.

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