Alright, Fine

My mom told me that all I do it complain on my blog (although, she tells me that all I do is complain on the phone too). So I'm here to fix that.

My life is awesome.

I have a great job that doesn't pay very well... but that's okay, because it's plenty for my current lifestyle. I have a handful of super best friends, and about a dozen more that I love and respect. Despite the remodeling noise, I love my apartment (and the thought of leaving it makes me kinda sad). I am healthy and relatively fit. I have a bunch of interesting hobbies (probably too many!). I recieved a fabulous education at the only school I would ever want to go to. My family is divorce- and drama-free, and my mom spoils me like I'm still 7 years old. My boyfriend lives 14 hours away, but it's the best relationship I've ever had.

So how's that? Better?

I'm not moody or angry or mad all the time. If you hung out with me, you'd find out that I'm actually a very cheery and optomistic person. I'm weird and like to make stupid jokes. I think about things way too much and I'm extremely sentimental.

Speaking of sentimental, Christmas is coming. I LOVE Christmas. It should be Christmas at least every other month.

My mom is coming this weekend (for our big 5K race), and she's bringing my tree and decorations. I can't wait! I want to put on Christmas music, hang ornaments on my tree, watch "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and bake snowman-shaped cookies. Hurrah!

I hope all this got out the bitter taste from yesterday's post (I wrote it towards the end of a 12-hour work shift).

So, if you leave me a comment (which of course, you will cause you love me), you have to list at least one thing that makes your life great.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Karen said...

1. YOU

RPBenton said...

your mom stole mine!

but i was gonna say, if that was too cheesy, then i'd probably have to go with having a schedule that allows me to sleep in, my dog, and making a difference at church.

Marcy said...

My kids? Ummm for the most part. Except when they're screaming and poking each others eye balls out :P

The Lazy Triathlete said...

First of all, I think your mother is wrong. There is some bitching on the blog, but I would not it does not come across as unhappy. For the most part it comes across to me as human. As we say in the Army--If the soldier is not bitching he is not happy.

As far as what makes life great--I am pretty simple. The ability to live life is what makes it great. I don't see it as a person, or job or money. It is the opportunity to experience our exsistence here on earth.

Ben said...

My life is great because I finally found another blogger whose mom likes to retain editorial control over the posts.

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