Holy Snowstorm, Batman!

Okay Okaaaaaaaay... so it's not exactly a "snowstorm" (if you choose to be so picky about my word choices). But it DID snow today (I kid you not!). It snowed today, even though 2 days ago, I was running outside in shorts!

But on the good side, once we get heavy snow, there won't be any more building construction. Hurray!!!

But on the bad side, drivers are suddenly stupid. There is 1/30th of an inch of snow on the road, and people are freaking out (that, or using the snow as an excuse to be idiots (hmm...)). Specifically, I was almost hit on my way home from work tonight.

Someone turned left out of a gas station into the lane next to me (which I HATE when people do that... it makes me nervous (and rightfully so!!!)). So I put on my breaks and waited to make sure they were going to stay in that lane.

Good. We're good.

No... nooooo. NO! WE'RE NOT GOOD! The idiot pulled into my lane. No warning. No signal. No over-the-shoulder look. Just ::whoosh:: "I'm coming over!"

My response? "Ahhh! What the hell!?!" ::slam on brakes:: ::pull as far towards the curb as possible:: ::hold hand on horn::

But they didn't hear my horn. THEY STILL DIDN'T SEE ME. Good thing I was flooring my brake, cause they just continued with their lane change.

Their car came within TWO inches of mine.

I just.... I....

I'm obviously speechless. How are people this STUPID?! If almost getting in an accident makes me this mad and flustered, I can't imagine how it would be if it had actually happened.

So, all you snowy-state readers, be safe. Watch out for bad drivers (and don't be one yourself!).

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