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Happy 100th post. Hurrah!

Things are still crazy. I had yesterday off (my first and only day off in over a week). Since all of my "housework" piled up during my crazy work scheduling, I spent all day cleaning and doing laundry and running errands... and I STILL didn't get through it all.

But one of the things on my to do list was to unload pictures from my camera. When I opened up the folder, I found all the photos I took at the Regatta (which I had completely forgotten about).

So... for your viewing and boating pleasure, I present you with Regatta picture (only about half):

That's my apartment building in the background...

Now that that's out of the way, we can move on to more relevent topics... like how my boyfriend is awesome.

I got to work on Monday and found this...

And when I opened it...


He said it was to help with the stressful work week. At least 3 of my coworkers told me, "he's a keeper." Awwww.

Our vacation plans are coming along. We think we're going to go with a 4-day trip to the bahamas on Norwegian (cause we don't like the thought of having to eat our meals with strangers).


One of the errands I had to run yesterday was to the camera store. See, I had five undeveloped rolls of film that had been sitting around my apartment for who knows how long. Problem was, they were special black and white photography film that you normally develop in a darkroom. Regular developing places won't do it because their machines can ruin the film. So without any darkroom access, I was left with no choice but to cave in and have them sent out to Kodak.

2 weeks and SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS later, I had them back.

I couldn't believe how old some of the photos were. I had an entire roll that was shot in NYC. My first thought was, When on earth was I in NYC? Oh yeah... that's right... 3 1/2 years ago.

So here are a few of my personal favorites (ignore the fact that they are photos of photos... I don't have a scanner):

My training has officially started up again. I went to the Y and ran 2 miles this morning. My goal is to run at least 2 3-milers before the race (3 weeks from now). Oh, and my mom is OFFICIALLY signed up... HA! It's too late to back out now! She told me she is running/walking almost every day (better than I'm doing!).


The Lazy Triathlete said...

Now that is a cool apt and a great location. Those are some cool photos too. Here are some of mine from DC-- http://www.pbase.com/photokev70/washington_dc_area

Karen said...

That candy looks yummmmy!

Isn't it sad, with all the pictures to look at, the only one that caught my eye was the CANDY!

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