Fall is Officially Here

Actually... maybe fall has already come and gone? Because it's starting to feel a lot more like winter right now (our meteorologist was talking about a chance of SNOW this weekend).

Either way, I am so NOT prepared.

Things I need to do to get ready for the changing seasons...

-Clean my Bike

Poor Reagan hasn't even been taken for a ride since my last triathlon (almost a month ago!). In fact, she's still in TWO PIECES in my living room. Poor girl. So, I need to put her back together and give her a good cleaning (I gave her some pretty decent romps through mud puddles over the summer months). If anyone has any tips for cleaning your bike, those would be helpful... especially if they DON'T involve going out and buying special bike-cleaning supplies.

-Remove the Bike Rack from my Car

It also hasn't been used in in a while, so I'm not sure why it's still there (other than the fact that it was the recent home to a spider... so I had to wait for the spider to die before I would even go near it).

-Pretend that I Don't Still have this Horrible Suntan

-Rearrange my Wardrobe

Nothing is worse than looking for a sweater or a pair of boots and coming face-to-face with a tanktop and a pair of flipflops. That's just utterly depressing. So those items must be hidden from plain view so I can pretend that the wonderful season of Summer never existed.

-Start Doing Clipless Pedal Research

My lovely Reagan is currently outfitted with a pair of insets...

She came with clipless pedals, but I was too nervous (and broke) to try them (and buy special shoes). But with my first year of triathloning behind me (YES, that's a word), it's time to start thinking about riding like a big girl. Upgrading my pedals will be like taking the figurative training wheels off. I know this doesn't need to be done immediately, but I have all winter to do my research and figure it all out.

-Rearrange my Living Room

While it's still early, winter IS coming, and that means Christmas is coming (yayyyy!). I have a tree, but my apartment is pretty tightly packed, so some rearranging needs to be done before I can squeeze it in there. This is kind of what my dining/living room looks like now...

Nice, isn't it? hehe. My apartment building has floor-to-ceiling windows on every floor, and most tenants leave their blinds up permanently. I can't wait to see all the apartments lit up during the holiday season.

The last thing I need to do to ring in the new season?

-Celebrate the Migrating of the Geese

Devil birds.


Anna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RPBenton said...

this is a great blog posting and nobody had commented yet. so despite the fact that i'm talking to you about it RIGHT NOW...i have to say...nicely done.

devil birds!

Marcy said...

You guys are going to get snow already?!? What in tha?!?

Wow that burn looks bad chica! Ouchie Ouch!

Rainmaker said...

Wow, that's some serious thought into the Living Room plan.

Good to see I'm not the only one who does that kinda stuff.

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