My 5 Best Halloween Costumes

I went to the Y the other day and ran on the treadmill. When I was finished, I came out and found myself in the middle of a YMCA Halloween event. This involved lots of small children dressed up and ready to trick-or-treat (where? around the building? I dunno).

I saw Batman hanging out with Robin and Spiderman.

I saw 2 groovy 70s chicks who came seperately, but dressed exactly the same (how embarrassing for them!). I couldn't help but wonder if these 6-year-olds even knew what they were dressed as.

I saw a pirate cheerleader and couldn't figure out what on earth that is.

And I saw tons of adults dressed up as runners and weightlifters (a joke... HA! Get it?!).

I think the winner was a baby dressed up as a lion. Awwwwwwwww.

As for me, you all know what I'm going as for Halloween this year. Ooo... maybe I'll even dress up for work that day!

So all this got me to thinking about past costumes... which ones worked and which ones didn't. So I present you with my 5 BEST halloween costumes (in no particular order)...

1) Poison Ivy

My senior year in college, my nerdy friends dressed up as superheros. Since there are very few cool women superheros (and Wonder Woman was taken), I went as a villain... Batman's sexy rival known as Poison Ivy. It was a great costume because I was actually able to pull it off (you have NO IDEA how hard it is to find all those green clothes!).

Plus I spray-dyed my hair red (which I actually got a lot of compliments on).

2) Dinosaur

In preschool, I borrowed a totally sweet costume from some family friends. When all the other girls were going as princesses (seriously... like, ALL of them), I came dressed in a full-body dinosaur costume with a tail that was about as long as I was tall. I have to say... they really just don't make costumes like this anymore. I think this was some major foreshadowing to my out-of-the-box costume choices in the future.

3) Strongbad

In case you don't know who Strongbad is, he's a character from a website (a sign of the times, right?).

It's kind of nerd-chic to know who he is, so I knew my college classmates and friends would appreciate it. My costume was totally handmade and thrown together in a week (and I couldn't find any boxing gloves, so I just stuffed some red mittens).

Through all the sweatiness of the night, I had SO many people come and take a photograph with me (who knew face paint could be that recognizable!).

4) Egyptian

It's a pretty ordinary costume, but my mom and I went all out. In sixth grade, our entire class had an "Egyptian Day." I had one of the best 3 costumes in our entire grade. I was drapped in gold lamay with a snake wrapped around my arm, gold sandals, and a necklace shaped into a scarab. If you peek into the spare bedroom closet at my parents house, you'll find it still hanging in there.

5) Duffman

This is definitely my favorite costume of all time. Being an avid Simpsons fan, I couldn't believe this idea had never come to me before.

I worked on the costume for MONTHS before Halloween. All the clothes were bought at Walmart. What makes me most proud was my ingenuity... I had no white boots, so I covered my black boots with white stockings. I had no Duff beer cans, so I spraypainted regular cans and covered them in Duff stickers. Even my cape was velcrowed on in case any drunk college kids decided to pull on it.

So I hope that's gotten all of you in the Halloween spirit (with all these Christmas decorations popping up in stores, it's important we sit back and remember it's only October).

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Marcy said...

Oooohhhh I LOVE #5!! Very cool!

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